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Holyrood Mennonite Church

Office: 9505 - 79 Street 466-3277 office@holyrood.mennonitechurch.ab.ca

Senior Pastor:

Werner De Jong






Speaker: Pastor Werner

Worship Leader: CJ

Music: Gordon's Team

Greeters: Ann, Pearl

Ushers: Roland, Brock

October 22, 2017

Welcome to Holyrood Mennonite Church

Sunday School ~ 9:30 am

Worship Service ~ 10:30 am


     Musical Prelude

     Welcome & Announcements

     Call to Worship

     Opening Prayer


Songs: Ppt - Open the Eyes of my heart, Lord

STJ 49 - Rain Down

CB 109 - Lord I give you my heart


     Offering - Ancient Words

     Children’s Feature: Joyce

            Sunday School is dismissed for ages 4 - Grade 4 ~ Teacher: Theresa

     Share & Prayer

     Song: STJ 42 S- Listen God is calling

     Scripture Reading: Isaiah 55:6-13; Matt. 13:1-9, 18-23 (page 774; 1021) ~ Tarnisha

     Meditation: “Whoever has ears, let them hear” ~ Pastor Werner


     Celebration of Communion

     Song: STJ 97 - The Lord is my light




  • Fellowship Breakfasts: Tuesday (24th) at 7 am
  • Food Bank: Tuesday (24th) Hosts: Pearl, Ben; Set up:
  • Women’s Group CANCELLED: Due to the multiple funeral services this week the Women's group is cancelled for this Wednesday (25th).
  • The joint funeral service for Eva Fatu Tumbay and Jeanette Wright will be held on Saturday morning, October 28, 9 AM, at West Meadows Baptist Church, 9333 199 Street NW. The funeral will be preceded by a wake-keeping service on Friday evening, October 27, 9 PM, at the Sands Hotel, 12340 Fort Road. The burial will follow Saturday’s funeral service, and will be at Evergreen Cemetery, 16102 Fort Road. After the burial, a repast (meal) will be served at the Sands Hotel. Members of our Holyrood family are invited to attend any or all of these events.
  • North Edmonton Ministry - Harry Huebner from Canadian Mennonite University is unable to travel due to illness and is being replaced by his son Chris Huebner and Irma Fast Dueck, both scholars at CMU with Shia Mennonite Dialogue experience. They will be sharing the responsibilities of the week entitled Two Friends: Two Faiths, which has become Three Friends: Two Faiths. The Shia community has personally invited us as a community to their mosque on Wednesday where Doug Klassen of Foothills Mennonite in Calgary is presenting in Harry's place. That community has chosen a most fascinating theme, The Concept of self-sacrifice for faith communities as embodied by Imam Hussein(PBH) and Prophet Jesus(PBH). RSVP at Eventbrite-Edmonton. Self Sacrifice. There are also event schedules on the bulletin board for those interested.


  • Continue to pray for Dixon Tumbay and his children, Venisa, Dixon Jr., Peace and Divine (Joseph) as they grieve the tragic loss of Eva. Pray also for the other families who are suffering the loss of family members from this collision. Pray for all those impacted by this tragedy, and pray for the upcoming funeral services.
  • Please pray for health for Amie’s mother and father, Margaret and James.
  • Pray for the upcoming Liberian national election.
  • Pray for God’s blessing on Helena C and her grade 8 studies.


  • Mayra Dominguez, a Mexican woman, operates a small restaurant in southern Mexico near the Guatemala border, and interacts with migrant women caught in the sex trade. Adrienne Wiebe and Mayra have been working on an action-research project with these women for four years, and will be presenting at the “Your Faith on Feminism” conference on the topic of: “Mayra’s Restaurant: Christian faith meets undocumented migration and the sex trade.” At the LMBC Coffee and Conversation group, Mayra will share her journey of learning. Please join us on Tuesday, October 24 at 10:00! (11210 - 59 Ave)
  • Fundraiser for North Edmonton Ministry, Oct 29 - In coordination with the Christian / Muslim Dialogue, a fundraiser event for North Edmonton Ministries will be hosted at First Mennonite in Edmonton Sunday evening October 29. Doors open at 6:30pm. Presentation, Peace Expressions in Islam and Christianity, begins at 7:00pm. Refreshments provided. Please contact Donna Entz with any questions. 780-250-6456. mennonitechurch.ab.ca
  • November 4 & 5 at First Mennonite Church: Portable CMU weekend with Gerald Gerbrandt, President Emeritus & Professor Emeritus of Bible. Who Are “We”? – Mennonites and Anabaptists within a Global Church. A common discussion among us is whether to use the term “Mennonite” or “Anabaptist” for ourselves. Or even, whether either term remains helpful or relevant. How do we understand ourselves, and speak of ourselves, within this tradition? And how might we relate that understanding to our larger identity as Christians? This Portable will consider who we are, our story and theological emphases, how to understand ourselves in relation to these two terms, and how we are part of a particular tradition as well as part of the global Church. There will be two sessions on Saturday, one at 10:30 am and one at 1:00 pm, with lunch served in between. Gerald will also share in Adult Sunday School (9:30) on November 5th and in Worship (10:45). Please let us know if you plan to attend, so we can make proper arrangements for for food by contacting the church office (780 436-3431).
  • Future Directions: Covenant New - Delegates to the 2017 Special Assembly in Winnipeg charted a new course for Mennonite Church Canada with a 94% approval of the Covenant New restructuring proposal. The new structure revisions MC Canada as the covenant partnership created by the five nationwide Regional Churches. Working together, Regional Churches have been mandated to foster the health and vitality of local congregations, who are engaged in mission in their immediate neighbourhoods and around the world. While delegates celebrated a structure that has served them well in the past and grieved its passing, they also embraced the vision of a vibrant, nationwide Mennonite Church that is actively engaging our world with the peace of Jesus Christ. To learn more, visit www.futuredirectionsmc.ca or mennonitechurch.ab.ca
  • Special Assembly 2017 Follow-up: A one issue news sheet, recordings of the streamed video, and other materials http://futuredirectionsmc.ca/special-assembly-2017-news/
  • Journey: A Missional Leadership Development Program. Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary’s distance-friendly non-degree leadership development program focuses on spiritual disciplines, theological and biblical studies, character development, mentoring and gifts development to help participants deepen their faith and strengthen their leadership. Now enrolling for Feb. 2; apply by Jan. 5. www.ambs.ca/journey


  • Speaker: Pastor Werner
  • Worship Leader: Jackson
  • Music Team: African Team
  • Children’s Feature: Joyce
  • Sunday School Teacher: No Sunday School
  • Scripture Reader: Helena
  • Ushers: Ron, Dave
  • Greeters: Ruth, Guenther
  • Food Bank: Tuesday (31st) Hosts: Ben, Pearl; Set up:

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