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Holyrood Mennonite Church

Office: 9505 - 79 Street 466-3277 office@holyrood.mennonitechurch.ab.ca

Senior Pastor:

Werner De Jong






Speaker: Joyce Baergen

Worship Leader: Dorathy

Music: Women's Group, Emily  
Greeters: Grace, Ann

Ushers: Roland, Eunice

May 14, 2017

Welcome to Holyrood Mennonite Church

Sunday School ~ 9:30 am

Worship Service ~ 10:30 am


     Musical Prelude

     Welcome & Announcements

     Call to Worship

     Opening Prayer


Songs of Praise: Let us Dance and Celebrate

Verse 1 (x2)

There is joy, joy, joy in the presence of the Lord

Singing Hallelujah Amen


Chorus (x2): We’ve got to dance and celebrate

Dance and celebrate

Singing praises to the Lord


Verse 2 (x2)

There is peace, peace, peace, in the presence of the Lord

Singing Hallelujah Amen


STJ 18 - Over my Head

HWB 143 - Amazing Grace (vs 1,2,3,6)



     Children’s Feature: Ruth

            Sunday School is dismissed for ages 4 - Grade 4 ~ Teacher(s): Max, Ruth

     Share & Prayer

     Song: HWB 490 - Lord of the Home

     Scripture Reading: Joshua 2 (Page 222)

     Meditation: “Celebrating Women” ~ Joyce Baergen


     Song: HWB 492 - God of Eve and God of Mary




  • Happy Mother’s Day! Candy Pin Fundraiser: The Women’s Group will be in the foyer today; come and purchase a candy pin and honour your mother, grandmother, auntie or other mother figure while supporting a good cause!
  • Faith Studies: May 15 - 17 at HMC - “Called to Peacemaking With All Creation : Living Faithfully in the Age of the Anthropocene” - Christian Faith Studies with Randy Haluza-DeLay from The King’s University
  • Food Bank: Tuesday (16th) Hosts: Doreen, Diane; Set up:
  • Elder’s Meeting: Wednesday (17th) at 6 pm at the church.
  • Worship Committee: Thursday (18th) at 5 pm.
  • Volunteer Opportunity! Lots of volunteers are needed to help serve the Beef Supper Friday May 26 at the MCC Summerfest and Auction event. There are many jobs available and one sure to match you talents and skills! For more info please contact Diane Reddekopp at 780-463-6970 or 780-905-7463!


  • Pray for Patrick as he trains workers for landscaping. Pray for work to keep them busy. Also pray for his upcoming court dates (May 15 and 16).
  • Pray for Florence’s friends who are needing support and employment.
  • Pray for Jill’s (Bonnie’s daughter) friend Sandra who is dying from a brain tumor. Pray that she finds the Lord before she passes.
  • Praise for Sahr passing his driving test to become a driving instructor.
  • Pray for Dixon as he searches for employment.
  • Pray for Caleb De Jong as he recovers from jaw surgery.
  • Pray for Godfrey and his family as he travels to Tanzania for ministry training at the Mennonite Theological College of Eastern Africa.
  • Pray for the peace initiative that Wendy Martin is undertaking as she partners with MCC in Laos.
  • Pray for Liz and the Ryckman family, as they mourn the loss of Todd.


  • Taize Prayer: TODAY (14th) at 7 pm at St. Thomas D’Aquin (8410 89 St).
  • Thank you to all who so generously supported the MCC Summerfest and Auction at the Souls pre-sale event on Saturday May 6. Over $10,000 was received!
  • Donations for silent auction: If anyone has any donations for the silent auction at MCC Summerfest, which takes place at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park May 26-27, please bring them to Millennium Place on May 26.
  • Love Kids?? This year at the MCC Summerfest sale there will be a kids area, including face painting, inflatables and a kids auction. If you are interested in helping out, please sign up at: https://www.volunteersignup.org/8XHHB
  • My Coins Count - Collect your coins for the MCC Summerfest & Auction on May 26 & 27 at Sherwood Park Millennium Place! Funds collected will support St. Johns Primary School, a water project in Uganda. Paper money is gladly received too! For more information, please visit mccreliefsale.com/my-coins-count
  • Are you a woman and need refreshment in your walk with God? Come and enjoy a wonderful weekend at the MCA Women's Retreat at Sylvan Lake, June 9-11th. Come and learn about "wisdom" from our "wise" AMBS President, Sara Wenger-Shenk. Online registration is open at www.mcawomen.com. Deadline is May 29th. Don't forget your bathing suit, snacks and talents to share at our awesome Variety Show Saturday Night. Hope to see you there!
  • This Sunday, the Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights will have its official Closing Ceremony at Ottawa Mennonite Church. To see where they have been and what they have done, check out Facebook at www.facebook.com/pfirCanada/.Thank you for your prayers and support.
  • Bruxy Cavey’s new book (re)union: The Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners from MennoMedia is now available to borrow or purchase at CommonWord – www.commonword.ca/go/1192.


  • Speaker: Pastor Werner
  • Worship Leader: Ike
  • Music Team: Joyce, Eun Jin
  • Scripture Reader: Tarnisha
  • Children’s Feature: Joyce
  • Sunday School Teacher(s): Dorathy
  • Sound: Brian
  • Ushers: Ron, Antoinette
  • Greeters: Helena, Ike
  • Food Bank: Tuesday (23rd) Hosts: Doreen, Set up:

Training Apprentices of Jesus to share God's abundant hospitality with people of all ages and cultures through the power of the Spirit.