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Holyrood Mennonite Church

Office: 9505 - 79 Street 466-3277 office@holyrood.mennonitechurch.ab.ca

Senior Pastor:

Werner De Jong






Speaker: Jim Shantz

Worship Leader: Ed

Music: Ruth, Emily

Greeters: Ike, Millie

Ushers: Garth, Brock

June 2, 2019

Welcome to Holyrood Mennonite Church

Sunday School ~ 9:30 am

Worship Service ~ 10:30 am


     Musical Prelude

     Welcome & Announcements

     Call to Worship

     Opening Prayer


     Songs: HWB 352 - Gentle Shepherd come and lead us

HWB 523 - Dear Lord and Father of mankind

HWB 581 - Take thou my hand, O Father

     Cluster Group Prayer



     Children’s Feature: Ruth

     Share & Prayer

Song: HWB 5 - There is a place if quiet rest

     Scriptures: Rom 8:26-27, 1 Thess 5:16-17, Matt 6: 5-8 (Page 1184, 1239, 1012)

     Meditation: “Praying All the Time?” ~ Jim Shantz


     Silent Prayer

     Dedication of Purity Kumba Favour Bundor

     Song: HWB 353 - Lord, listen to your children praying




  • TODAY!! You are welcome to join us downstairs following the worship service for a potluck to celebrate Sahr and Mary’s new baby, Purity.
  • Food Bank: Tuesday (4th) - Hosts: Ben, Pearl
  • Women’s Retreat: Friday - Sunday (7 - 9th) at Sunnyside Retreat Centre in Sylvan Lake. Late registration accepted until June 2. Can't come? Sponsor a woman. Information and registration at mcawomen.ca.
  • Funeral Service for Alma Burkholder will be on Saturday, June 8 at 1 pm at Holyrood Mennonite Church.
  • Next Sunday: Mennonite Church Canada Witness Worker Jeanette Hanson will be sharing during the worship service.
  • Roof fundraiser challenge! Who can raise more, men or women? Please aim for ($100/adult) if you are able. If we get a cheque for a couple, men and women’s teams will be indicated equally. Goal is $5250. See thermometers in the foyer for progress. Prizes! One each for women/men will be drawn for from the people who contribute.
  • Camp Valaqua is seeking volunteers to take part in our Camp Connections Program. Connections are given the name of one of our Valaqua staffers and then asked to pray for and correspond with that staffer. Participants are asked to send a minimum of one letter to their connection and will receive a minimum of one letter in return. More communication as well as small care packages are encouraged. If you are interested, contact the camp office at 403-637-2510 or email: valaquaprogramdirector@gmail.com


  • Thank God for the life of Alma Burkholder, and pray for her family and all who mourn her passing.
  • Pray for Rollie as he resides at the Glenrose for rehabiliation during weekdays.
  • Pray for Ruth’s sister Betty. She has finished chemo; please pray her results will be clear.
  • Please pray for Helena’s co worker, Diana.
  • Please pray for Godfrey, whose brother was killed. Also he has had a break in at his place.
  • Pray for Loren & Donna’s daughter as she is in Africa: for healing for her arm, for help for the people, and for housing concerns.
  • Please continue to pray for Reuben Tut, pastor of the Edmonton South Sudanese Mennonite Church. For the past two months Reuben has been in the U of A Hospital due to complications arising from tuberculosis. Recently he was also diagnosed with pneumonia. Pray for his return to health, for his family, and for the church as they miss his leadership.
  • Pray for MCA participants (core walkers, day walkers, refreshment workers) in Walk for Common Ground (May 31 - June 14). Core Walkers include Cassidy Brown (Bergthal), Jacob Froese (Trinity), Caleb Kowalko (First Calgary), and Jim Shantz (First Edmonton).
  • Please continue to remember and pray for our members who are no longer able to regularly attend church: Ray and Ginnie Brubaker, George Varghese.


  • Listen, Worship, Praise, Sing! Sunday, June 2, 6:30pm - First Mennonite Choir enjoys coming together each Thursday to join our voices in preparation for Sunday, but also to simply enjoy singing together. This year we welcome you to join us as we present an evening Spring Concert (3650 – 91 St NW). There will be opportunity for fellowship after the program. Come, relax, listen, sing and visit. It should be well worth it!
  • “GAZA CALLS” - Saturday June 8, 10 am - Lendrum Mennonite church will be hosting "Gaza Calls"- a speaker from Gaza will be transmitted to multiple sites across Canada. The event is organized by Canadian Friends of Sabeel-an organization that supports the efforts of Christian Palestinians and works with all people in Palestine and Israel for peace with justice. Please RSVP here: http://friendsofsabeel.ca/featured/gaza-calls-canada-answers-2019/
  • You are invited to the CPI BBQ and AGM, at the home of Gordon and Wendy Baergen, 265-52152 Range Road 225, Sherwood Park, on Sunday, June 9, at 5:00 P.M. If you could bring a food item (salad or dessert) for the pot luck (meat and fix-ins will be provided), it would be appreciated.... no obligation but please bring a lawn chair and bug spray. If you need a map, please contact Dave Hubert at dehubert@telus.net.
  • “The Age-old Ways of Local Indigenous Culture - Songs & Stories: Rituals & Reasons”. Your 2019 Heritage Retreat featuring international speaker and community elder, Alvin Manitopyes on Wednesday, June 12. EVERY AGE WELCOME to this on-site Camp Valaqua fundraiser. Sign up by calling/texting Ruthanna Friesen (403)973-1787 or email Ruthannagetsmail@gmail.com. $30/person incl. lunch. Registration 9-10am.
  • Radek & Geordie’s home in Grand Forks, BC was gutted after several feet of water flooded their house in May 2018. They are repairing what they can but due to age and health issues they have been able to refinish very little. They and others need assistance. Join Mennonite Disaster Service for a week or two to bring Radek, Geordie and others home. Volunteers are needed this summer, especially in August & September. Phone 800-241-8111 or register at https://mds.mennonite.net/volunteer-registration-form/ and be part of bringing someone home!
  • Grow Hope with MCC Alberta & Canadian Foodgrains Banks (CFGB): Sponsor an acre of land for $300 on one of our four fields (near Carstairs and Fort Saskatchewan) and the donation could grow to as much as $2,500 for food assistance work in the developing world. The farmers will farm the land and forward the proceeds to MCC & CFGB. Learn more at mccab.ca/grow-hope
  • MCC Thrift Shop Edmonton is hosting a Volunteer Appreciation and Recruitment evening at First Mennonite Church on June 21 at 6 pm. All volunteers are welcome! This year's event is also a volunteer recruitment drive, so we invite those interested in volunteering to come. Please speak to your MCC Thrift Shop representative for more information or contact Beverly Enns (beverlyenns@live.com).
  • Walk for Common Ground: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has called all Canadians to rediscover that “We are all treaty people.” Follow the Walk for Common Ground May 31 - June 14 on the Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pfirCanada/) or by searching the hashtag #walkforcommonground on most social media platforms. treatytalk.com


  • Speaker: Pastor Werner
  • Worship Leader: Thomas
  • Music Team: Gordon’s Team
  • Scripture Reader: Zach
  • Children’s Feature: Diane
  • Greeters: Grace, Helena
  • Ushers: Roland, Thomas
  • Food Bank (11th): Hosts: Ben, Pearl

Training Apprentices of Jesus to share God's abundant hospitality with people of all ages and cultures through the power of the Spirit.